Discover biathlon!

This thrilling sport blends the challenge of cross-country skate skiing and rifle marksmanship into a unique and engaging sport for all ages. Kincaid Park’s world class biathlon range is the focal point of the sport in Alaska. We have year-round programs and activities at the range.

Our fun and friendly race series and training groups are your passport to this amazingly engaging activity for you and your family.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own rifle; you can pay to rent one when you make your range use fees payment, and ammunition is available for sale at the range.

COVID Mitigation.
NSAA will follow all CDC guidelines and adhere to any changes of the Anchorage municipal code. Currently there is no mandatory COVID restrictions with any of our outdoor programs. For indoors masking is welcome and optional for any families making that choice. If any health climate changes, NSAA may update and change this policy.
For all range users, the NSAA COVID policy of cleaning matts and all touchpoint items still exists and is mandatory.
If you are positive with COVID or have any symptoms please stay home and do not participate in any NSAA activities or events until recovered. Please follow CDC guidelines for return to activities.


5 Steps to get Started with Biathlon!

  1. Join the United States Biathlon Association (USBA)
  2. Attend a Biathlon Rifle Safety Class
  3. Become a NSAA member
  4. Pay Range Fees (annual, seasonal or daily)
  5. Check out local Biathlon Clubs & Learning Opportunities
  6. Sign up HERE to receive important Biathlon information and updates!
1. USBA Membership

Joining the United States Biathlon Association is required to shoot at the Kincaid Park Biathlon Range. You can find more information and pay online at USBA’s website here. Once the form and payment is received, you’ll receive a USBA membership number. You will need this number to register for a safety class and to pay range fees.


2. NSAA Biathlon Rifle Safety Class

Classes are held at Kincaid Park Biathlon Range, and cover safe rifle handling, care and use of a biathlon rifle, and basic biathlon technique. NSAA Biathlon Rifle Safety classes are required to shoot at the Kincaid Park Biathlon Range.

Cost: $25 Individual, $30 Family (Cost does not include USBA one-day membership, required for participation on range)

The class will include both a written and practical course. Dress appropriately for the indoor written course and the outdoor practical/shooting portion. Firearms and ammo are provided for Biathlon Safety Class participants

 Minimum age for participation is 10 years old; however participants younger than 13 must attend with parent. If the parent is also getting their range safety certification, then Family should be the selected registration option, otherwise, Individual is appropriate.


Upcoming Classes

The next safety classes are scheduled for October 22nd, November 19th, January 21st, and March 18th from 10:00AM-2:00PM

Please click the button above to register for a safety class. Class registration will close by 5pm the day before the class.

If there is not a scheduled course, please email with your interest. 

3. NSAA Biathlon Range Fees

Range Use Fees pay for metal target repair & painting, paper targets, lead clean-up, range lights, rifle usage (including repair and cleaning supplies), signage, mats, porta potty use, rifle/ski racks, etc. NSAA manages the biathlon range on behalf of the Anchorage Parks & Rec Department. The range use fees are good from Oct 1st to Sept 30th.

A current NSAA membership is required in order to renew your range use fees. Please log in through your account to renew your membership first. If you are not a current member of NSAA, but would like to get started with biathlon, a basic membership of $35 is all that is required. Your membership DIRECTLY supports the Biathlon trails, and helps NSAA continue to provide Biathlon opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Range Fees:

  • Single Use: $15/day
  • Annual:¬†Individual $180, Family $300 (2 people) or $375 (3+ people)
  • Spring-Summer (Apr-Sept): Individual $85, Family $150 (2 people) or $175 (3+ people)¬†

Range Use Cards must be brought with you every time you visit the range as RSOs will request to see it. NSAA will provide you with a waterproof plastic holder to secure your range use card and USBA card. If you have paid your range fees but not received your card yet, please retain your email confirmation to show the RSO at the range.

4. Local Clubs & Lessons

Please check out the local offerings for Biathlon lessons and club programs:

Learn and train with the following clubs:

  1. Anchorage Biathlon Club
  2. Biathlon Alaska/Eagle Eyes: Complete the Applicant Survey to learn about current & future classes. Contact Tom Grenier via Email or reach out on Facebook

And for more Biathlon:

  1. Check the Range Opening Calendar to see scheduled events and range openings.

Etiquette & Safety

SAFETY FIRST! Stay alert for any possible safety issues and notify the range safety officer immediately.

Arriving early to help set up the range and helping to close the range are greatly appreciated.

Keep pets on leash near the range when it is in use. Gun fire can upset some pets.

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Biathlon Information and Contacts

NSAA Committee Contacts

Interim Chair: Joey Caterinichio
Secretary: Marcia Bandy
Maintenance: NSAA Program Manager
Racing: NSAA Program Manager
Armorer: Michael Milhollin